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Treasures of the Sea

My series of thrown, assembled and carved (sgraffito) vessels are decorated and embellished ornately. Glazed to give rich pattern and detail, wood fired to stoneware, fashioned as ancient treasures you might find at the bottom of the ocean…. But, my hope; the ornateness will bring attention to our true Treasures of the Sea - our precious and becoming very rare sea animals. These are part of an ongoing series.

Bushmen's Smoko

Our native Ponga trunk has a textured pattern; a dark fibrous fabric. It produces furry unfurling fronds – Koru; a symbol of new life, growth, strength and peace. These endearing features are incorporated in a series of objects; in this piece the steely saw blades are wrapped instead with the steely determination of this ancient plant. A comment on forestry; ages old, the felling of massive and ancient trees, till in many instances, just single specimens stand alone - but with hope of replenishment triumphing over commerce - a restoration of the mighty Kauri which once covered our land - Aotearoa.



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